At UEL Development Corp. our team is Certified Participating E.U.C Contractors.

We are:

  • Licensed
  • Experts in Energy Efficiency
  • Provide Energy Assessment Reports
  • Help Process Incentives



Why upgrade your home?

When it comes to energy, your home works as a system. Every aspect of your home works together to be as efficient as possible. Air ducts, insulation, windows, air condition and furnace works as one unit and when a component of the home is not working properly, it is wasting energy.

An energy upgrade can improve your life style by:

  • Saving energy and lowering your bills
  • Make your home more comfortable year round
  • Improve the air quality inside your home
  • Add value to your home

How it works

Upgrading your home is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Learn about the different Energy-saving projects:


Air sealing

Attic insulation

Duct sealing

Hot water pipe insulation

Thermostatic shower control

Combustion safety testing

Smoke detector/CO detector


High efficiency furnace

Energy efficient cooling

Energy efficient hot water heater

Energy efficient windows

Wall insulation

Cool Roof


Green Upgrade

Solar panels / renewable energy

Water efficient landscaping

2. Contact UEL Development Corp at (626)296-9991 to schedule and Energy Assessment.

3.Get your rebate and enjoy your efficient and comfortable newly energy upgrade home!

Rebates and Incentives

Through Energy Upgrade California Homeowners qualify for:

  • Incentives up to $4,500+ (based on Energy improvement Savings percentages... NOT $$$ SPENT)
  • Also there is an additional $1000 - $2000 from LA County if your home also qualifies to be Whole House Green Rated. This will increase the Value of your Home by 15% - 18%


  • Reduce the cost of Homeowner's monthly Utilities by 45%
  • RESIZE DOWN HVAC and duct systems to (1 ton per 1,000sf) and not the regular 1 ton/500sf.
  • Federal Tax Credit up to $500.00
  • Air Seal and Insulate Attic to R38
  • Air Seal complete living space (the Energy Audit will tell if the Exterior Walls would require any more insulation or the Window would need to be replaced if the energy savings make sense)
  • Better Air Quality for a healthier living


First get in contact with us by filling out the EUC Customer Questionnaire form.

Than As a Participating EUC Contractor we would come into your home and perform an Energy Audit that entails a series of in-depth testing, then we take our findings and scientifically calculate them to see how much usage and how we can help you save money on your monthly bills.

The series of energy tests include the following:

  • Infiltration test (Whole house leakage)
  • Duct leakage test
  • Static pressure test on AC unit
  • Infra-red imaging observations
  • Attic inspection
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Document appliances and energy draw components with usages stats

    These tests normally take a team of (2) two and an estimated time of 5 to 6 hours to complete.
    We provide a comprehensive Report regarding our findings and make recommendations as well as a Proposal to do the recommended work, which includes the cost for upgrading your home.

    The cost for the Energy Audit is a minimum of $400 (1200SF or less)... You would be invoiced upon delivery of the Report approximately 3-4 days after completion of the Energy Audit.

    At the completion of Repairs/Upgrade on a home, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE... the above Tests are Repeated and Includes the following Safety "Test Out" on each Gas Burning Appliance:
    · Worst Case Depressurization
    · Combustion Appliance Zone Test
    · CO spillage, proper draft pressures, and CO levels







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